CCIC North America Inc., the branch office of China Certification and Inspection Group, is a well-established third-party testing, inspection, and certification company that provides professional inspection services on goods being transported to China and other countries, is looking for a candidate for the Accountant position.

Job duties: 

• Assist external auditors in year-end audit; 

• Design and implement control activities to improve the current accounting procedure;

• Perform account receivable aging analysis on all customers' accounts 

• Analyze financial performance of each department

• Review and reconcile financial reports

• Perform investment feasibility analysis report 

• Analyze year-end financial statements and advise other departments on budgets and sales goals. 


• A minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field

• Able to perform various financial analysis such as account aging analysis, investment feasibility analysis, year-end financial performance analysis  

• Familiar with budgeting, financial software such as QuickBooks, NC

• Strong in Excel spreadsheet, and data analytics softwares such as VBA and Tableau for analyzing and presenting of financial reports 

• Strong analytical and communication skills 

Remuneration and Benefits:

• Full-time basis 

• Competitive Salary 

• Standard Benefits 

Interested, please email your resume and cover letter to